My Mideast Punchlines: you say the word, Jezza…

After concluding a 10-minute speech given at a pro-Israel reception in London Tuesday night, new UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was heckled by a audience member after he failed to mention Israel by name in his comments.

“Say the word Israel” a man yelled inside the packed auditorium where the Labor Friends of Israel event was being held before being ushered out by security guards, British daily The Telegraph reported.  The man, whose identity remains unknown, was not allowed back inside.

The Labour leader looked in shock after the outburst was made, according to The Telegraph, which followed a speech on the importance of the two-state solution between Israel and Palestine.

Small FistSo everyone knows Corbyn supports the establishment of a Palestinian state. And everyone knows he is fiercely pro-gay and women’s rights. There’s only one thing wrong with those sentences: they are an oxymoron. No need for me to say which is the only state in the Middle East that protects both gay and women’s rights. You say the word, Jezza.


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