MY Mideast Punchlines: heavenly buddies ….

Palestinian terrorists attacked Israelis across Israel on Wednesday, jarring residents from Kiryat Gat to Petah Tikva, and wounding close to a dozen people.

An Israeli man was stabbed and badly wounded in Petah Tikva in the first stabbing attack in the Gush Dan area since the recent wave of violence began.

The Shin Bet said 25-year-old Tamer Yunes Ahmed Varidat, a resident of Dahariya in the West Bank, got off a bus and stabbed a 25-year-old Israeli man before he was apprehended by bystanders.

So the wave of terror continues and is clear for everyone to see? Well, no, not if you’re the BBC or UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

The BBC’s initial headline describing a Palestinian terrorist attack in which two Israelis were murdered was: “Palestinian shot dead after Jerusalem attack kills two.” Those who came to the BBC website after the attack would be led to believe that the Hamas terrorist was actually the victim!

Meanwhile, Ban decried the deaths of Palestinians killed in this mini-uprising, without mentioning the terror victims.

Small FistIt could be surmised that Ban already inhabits a planet other than our own, but there is another heavenly body to which he should be banned, so to speak. The film The Martian is all the rage at the moment, leading to further interest among people who wish to volunteer to become the first residents of the Red Planet. They might well have to wait in line behind the UN Secretary-General and the director-general of the Beeb, Always eager to keep abreast of world events, these two intrepid pioneeers will of course insist on taking a radio with them. Communications over such a vast distance may prove to be a bit dodgy, but you can always rely on the BBC to somehow get through to the heavenly buddies with “the truth”.


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