My Mideast Punchlines: Beeb and Bust….

Former BBC chairman Lord Grade has criticised the corporation’s coverage of the ongoing violence in Israel and the West Bank.

He wrote to the BBC’s director of news and current affairs, James Harding to say coverage had at times been misleading and failed to give context to what he called an “undoubtedly complex issue”. You can read all about it in the Jewish Chronicle here.

Small FistSo Michael has finally made the grade. I don’t recall him making much noise about BBC bias when he was chairman from 2004-2006, or during the decade-long liberal-left bullshit from the BBC editorial mandarins that has followed. I can understanding waiting to speak out until you got your fat pension, Michael, but ten years or so of silence is disgraceful. Meanwhile, Orla Guerin once again proved she is the most deceitful reporter on the planet. So, of course, it makes perfectly good sense to the BBC to still employ her. We should all refrain from paying the licence fee for this corrupt organisation. Only then will it truly be Beeb and Bust.


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