My Mideast Punchlines: the circus has come to town, clowns and all….

As President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were talking about the two-state solution during their meeting in the White House yesterday, the Palestinian Hamas movement reiterated its intention to destroy Israel.

Hamas’s announcement shows that the two-state solution is not a recipe for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The announcement also shows that all those who have been talking about a change in Hamas’s position towards Israel continue to live in an illusion.

Meanwhile, PA leader Abbas claims Hamas and Israel are meeting to annex part of Sinai to Gaza. In response, Hamas has called him ‘a clown.’

Small FistSo there you have it. Even if the useful idiots in the west are blind to it, Israel has a veritable circus on its doorstep, or in this case, doorsteps. To the south lies Gaza, prone to firing off assorted fireworks (with ‘peashooters’, according to Channel 4 anchorman Jon Snow) and, to the east, comes the hurtling of knives at semi-naked ladies, or in this case, innocent Israeli citizens. And the animals in this circus? Need you ask?



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