My Mideast Punchlines: it all depends on who has the balls….

France and Russia are working as allies against Islamic State. A Times of London staff-ed notes the significance of this new partnership for the Mideast:

‘Whatever is happening to the global balance of soft power, the balance of hard power in the Middle East is tipping away from Washington. MrKerry says a big transition is possible in Syria within the next few weeks. He maybe right, but only if France and Russia sustain their new resolve to shut down theIsis menace at its source. If so, it will be Russia, the conqueror of Ukraine and ally of President Assad, that determines the contours of this transition as the only big power with significant military assets on the ground in Syria.’

Small FistSo don’t be too surprised if you notice the voices of Obama and Kerry becoming increasingly shrill over the next few weeks. With their nation becoming increasingly irrelevant, Dumb and Dumber are morphing into castrati.

Gevalt! (a Yiddish expression loosely meaning, God help us!).


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