My Mideast Punchlines: verbal diarrhoea…

You fight against jihad, yes. But do you have to add to the fight against jihad the fight with the whole Palestinians people? I don’t think so… There are a lot of moderates among the Palestinian people – there are still… some people who really want a state and to build a life in this state… It has been a big mistake not to give that a chance… and will be an increasing mistake not to give it in the future… When you have a just war to wage which is a war against Islamism, jihadism, it is not a reason to wage an unjust war at the same time. It is absurd.

– Bernard-Henri Lévy, December 2015

Last week, Israeli Educational Television aired an interview with the internationally renowned French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy by the well-known Kobi Meidan, on the much-acclaimed program Hotzei Yisrael (Across Israel – available on YouTube).

Small FistWhy should it surprise anyone that fatuous remarks should exit from the mouths of the liberal-left? With Dumb and Dumber running the US administration, socialist Sweden turning itself into a caliphate in painful slow motion, and political correctness making all of our lives a misery, even Donald Trump talks more sense than any liberal-lefty, whether he or she be pundit, politician or philosopher.


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