My Mideast Punchlines: it couldn’t have happened to a nicer fella….

If there was one man who was reviled above all others by Israelis it was Samir Kuntar. When news came through that he had been blown to bits, ostensibly by an Israeli missile attack, you could almost hear sighs of relief emanating from Israel. He was apparently planing another terror attack, but on a grander scale. Even Hezbollah viewed him as dangerous freelancer, keeping the arch-terrorist at arm’s length.

In April 1979,there was this family up north – in the town of Nahariya… it’s pretty there, it’s near these grottos close to the border with Lebanon. A young family. A father and a mother, and two kids. Danny, Smadar, Einat, and Yael. They went on a picnic one day, came home, had dinner, gave their 4 year old Einat and 2 year old Yael a bath, and tucked them into bed.

And that night, while they slept, a man named Samir Kuntar entered their apartment along with others…. He kidnapped Danny and Einat, while Smadar grabbed the baby and hid in the crawl space, and saw this man take her husband and her sweet little girl away.
They almost all made it to the crawl space but sweet Einat had forgotten her doll and cried, and they were heard and dragged away by Samir Kuntar.

He took them to the beach. He made Einat watch while he shot her father, and held him in under water to make sure he was really dead. Then, he smashed Einat’s head in with the butt of his rifle against a rock.
Meanwhile… hiding in the crawl space, Yael began to whimper. She was only two and terrified… and her mother, her frightened mother who wanted only to keep them alive covered her baby’s face to stop the sounds…. Until the sounds stopped. Because she had suffocated in her mother’s arms.

By dawn, only the mother was left alive, holding her dead baby, broken with the news of her husband and her other baby.

Small FistYou can generally judge a man by the company he keeps.On November 24, 2008, Syrian president Bashar Assad presented Kuntar with the Syrian Order of Merit medal and in early 2009 he was honoured by then Iranian President Ahmedinajad. They do love their baby killers. By all accounts, Kuntar was vaporised, though as a Druze and not a Muslim, it’s doubtful whether he would have been able to enjoy those 72 virgins.


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