My Mideast Punchlines: grease my palm, get my vote

The Palestinian Elections Commission officially announced on Tuesday that Fatah has won 136 municipal elections where factions and independents submitted consensus lists, giving President Mahmoud Abbas’s party a commanding lead ahead of the rest of the municipal elections set to take place on October 8 in the West Bank and Gaza.

Last week, the CEC revealed that 182 of the 416 locales, largely from rural parts of the West Bank, submitted consensus lists, meaning an automatic victory for those lists.

Small FistNow, before all you Fatah-lovers get too excited, these results refer to mainly one man and his dog villages. The main contest will be in the cities, where outstretched palms will expect to be greased. So it all depends on whose largesse is the greatest, Fatah’s or Hamas’. A few recalcitrants might have to be thrown off the top of tall buildings, but, hey, that’s the price for democracy.


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