My Mideast Punchlines: Eno’s no-go hits so low-low

Composer and producer Brian Eno has refused to let an Israeli dance company use his music.

Batesheva, one of Israel’s most famous dance companies, uses one of Eno’s compositions in their dance routine HUMUS, and were set to repeat the performance – which has been part of their repertoire since at least 2013 – this week at the Torino Danza festival in Turin, Italy.

After discovering that the Israeli group’s performance was sponsored by the Israeli Embassy, Eno denied the group permission to use his music, as “a way of taking this particular weapon out of [the Israeli government’s] hands”.

Mr Eno, who was a member of Roxy Music, is a prominent supporter of the BDS movement and is one of 1,700 artists to have signed the Artists’ Pledge for Palestine.

Small Fist‘e knows yer know. The former member of Poxy Music tends to suffer from verbal diarrhoea, especially when it comes to criticising Israel. No need for him to take a dose of Eno’s, then.


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