My Mideast Punchlines: for he’s a jolly good….dumb-ass

A Palestinian terrorist stabbed an IDF soldier near Hebron’s Tel Rumeida neighborhood on Saturday morning. The attacker was shot dead by soldiers.

Australia’s Channel 9 News reported the incident as: Palestinian ‘executed’ after Israeli checkpoint knife attack. And they it had the chutzpah to refer to the Palestinian attacker as a ‘fellow’! Thus: ‘Taking advantage of the situation, the Palestinian fellow produces a knife from his right hip pocket and attempts to stab the soldier in the face, sending him reeling back on his heels.’

Small FistDon’t you just love the Aussies? They’re so friendly they want to be cobbers (fellows) with everyone … except, that is, if you’re an Israeli. Whichever dumb-ass wrote this story should be elected a member of the FCBJ (Fellow of the College of Bad Journalism). It’s enough to make a fellow throw up.


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