My Mideast Punchlines: hotter than Hades….

Philadelphia’s Jewish community was stunned after vandals overturned headstones in a Jewish cemetery. WPVI News explains why you may have seen a discrepancy in the number.

Police say as many as 100 graves were vandalised, while those trying to clean up counted more than 500.

biffIt is but a short jump from headstones to heads, and vice versa. Personally, I’m all for cremation — not for Jews, but for anti-Semites, preferably ante-mortem. I mean, it can’t be any hotter for them than the hell of all-consuming hatred they already inhabit.


One thought on “My Mideast Punchlines: hotter than Hades….

  1. Hear hear!.. but not quite Roger. Mere cremation would be a reprie? The temperature in the hell hole where these lot are headed is off the scale. There they will be subject to an eternal shawarma style slow roast!

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