My Mideast Punchlines: a load of old pap….

A conference in Ireland debating Israel’s right to exist  will feature a number of ardent critics of the Jewish state,  including Israeli anti-Zionist historian Ilan Pappe and Professor Oren Ben-Dor.

Alan Johnson, a British professor scheduled to speak at the conference debating Israel’s right to exist, has withdrawn from the event scheduled for the end of this month. Reason? The organisers have issued an invitation to Richard Falk to give a keynote speech. Johnson says that “by inviting a speaker who espouses anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, the conference is now objectively an attempt to normalise anti-Semitism, and I cannot attend such an event.”

Good for you, Mr Johnson, although why you would want to mix in such company in the first place is beyond me. I know that you wanted to defend Israel’s right to exist, but you are pissing against the wind with these characters. Nobody talks more pap than Ilan Pappe and his cohorts. There’s nothing I despise more than self-hating Jews (are you listening down there in Hades, Mr Gerald Kaufman?), some of whom are proud to call themselves such. How sad. Just imagine if they were self-hating Muslims. Fatwa, anyone?




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