My Mideast Punchlines: death tax….

The Palestinian terrorist accused of killing a British student last week will be paid £800 ($1000) per month by the Palestinian government. To put this in perspective: an average Palestinian worker earns about $450 per month, which means that in reward for one day of terror, Hannah Bladon’s murderer will receive more than double a typical full time Palestinian salary, every month for the rest of his life…or at least until the world finally puts a stop to this practice.

The Palestinian Authority government, in defiance of international pressure, is actually increasing its budget for salaries to terrorists.

Nice work if you can get it. So typical of the moral bankruptcy of the Palestinians, and so typical of the west to have turned a blind eye to this travesty for decades. Indeed, it is our taxes that have been used to support the PA in its nefarious policies. Just don’t expect the BBC or The Guardian to care one jot. And, of course, the disgraced Ken Livingstone will continue bleating that these are desperate youths who have no other outlet for their frustrations. And that it’s all Israel’s fault.


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