My Mideast Punchlines: make mine a lawsuit….

After Britain refused to apologise for the Balfour declaration, the Palestinian Authority threatens legal action.

Manuel Hassassian, the Palestinian Authority ambassador to the UK, said on Tuesday that unless Britain apologised, cancelled planned celebrations and recognised a Palestinian state, the Palestinians would go ahead with plans for a lawsuit against the British government for issuing the Balfour Declaration.

But why stop with Balfour? The PA should also sue Britain and France (for the the 1916 Sykes-Picot agreement), Britain and the Husseini family (for the 1922 Cairo Conference, which created an independent Transjordan), and the UN (for the 1948 Partition Plan). The Palestinians can even sue themselves for signing the 1993 Oslo accords . . .

The UK government’s announcement was made on a petition page where Palestinian activists seeking an apology are collecting signatures.

Mendacious Manuel has a surname that could be misread for ‘assassin’. He conveniently forgets how many British soldiers were slaughtered in the various Arab uprisings between 1917 and 1948. In effect, it’s he who should be apologising to the Brits. I feel a lawsuit coming on….


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