My Mideast Punchlines: caught with his trousers dow–, er, up!

Say it ain’t so! Security cameras appear to have caught Palestinian hunger-strike leader Marwan Barghouti scoffing food on the sly. The Israeli Prison Service released this video, though Barghouti’s wife called the footage “fake.”

More on the story at the Times of Israel, Ynet and Jerusalem Post.

“Fowl!” cried Mrs Barghouti, it wasn’t a chicken laffa; it was a bacon sandwich.”

Of course, no one has asked the salient question: why, if you haven’t eaten anything for a week, would you need to take a dump — and keep your trousers up, to boot. Looks suspiciously to me like an Israeli Tortit (Wrap) chocolate bar hidden in a message from an unknown admirer. Probably said,  ‘bal’afia, habibi’  (to your health, old chap)!


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