My Mideast Punchlines: living in sin …..

With the Mideast shaken up by Egypt and the Gulf states severing ties with Qatar over its sponsorship of terror groups, Israeli officials see opportunities, assess that Qatar’s dalliance with pro-Iran groups made the crisis overdue, and said the developments are very very bad for Hamas.

With Qatar’s only land border with Saudi Arabia now shut, Qataris rushed supermarkets, emptying shelves of food. The crisis is already squeezing Qatar’s economy, air travel, and even the 2022 World Cup.

Experts say a prolonged crisis will push Qatar closer to Turkey and Iran. Turkey and Kuwait have offered to mediate.

What a spectacular own goal for the perfidious Qataris. The icing on the cake, of course, would be if they were to be stripped of  hosting the 2022 World Cup, something they gained only through massive corruption. What is it about Arabs that they fail at almost everything. Well, avarice, envy and sloth for starters. While the seven deadly sins may be of Christian origin, the Arabs have taken on that mantle with gusto. So it’s good to see an eighth deadly sin has now been added to the list: al Jazeera!


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