My Mideast Punchlines: Hamas cash runnels funnel funds for tunnels

The UN Relief and Works Agency, which provides assistance to Palestinian refugees, discovered a Hamas tunnel under two Gaza schools sharing the same premises. The Jerusalem Post writes:

In a statement, UNRWA spokesperson Christopher Gunness said that the tunnels were discovered during construction of an extension of one of the buildings during summer vacation, when the schools were empty. The tunnel had no entry or exit points within the school.

In a sign of the times, a Saudi newspaper harshly condemned Hamas, saying the terror group endangers Gaza’s civilians:

“Hamas allocates millions of Saudi and UAE dollars in order to support Iranian-orchestrated terror.”

The leading Saudi newspaper drew parallels between the Islamic State and those of Hamas, stating that “there is no difference between them.”

The newspaper called for immediate Arab intervention in order to prevent Hamas’ exploitation of Gaza’s citizens and even “to save their lives.”

Are you listening BDS? This is something we’ve been saying for years. Still, it’s refreshing to hear it come from the Saudis, who hitherto have been far from being paragons of virtue.


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