My Mideast Punchlines; give ’em the money, Mahmoud…

Hamas claims PA President Mahmoud Abbas cut the salaries of 37 of its West Bank lawmakers. It’s all about politics and pressuring Hamas, but if Abbas really wants to save money, he may as well cut the salaries of all 132 lawmakers of the Palestinian Legislative Council. It hasn’t convened in 10 years.

Reminds of the days when the unions dominated Britain. Dockers, for instance, stayed home in their droves while others covered for them. Of course, in a free economy it inevitably goes belly up. However, in a command economy such as the PA’s, it makes perfect sense to use our aid money to keep people in paid jobs, especially legislators who might otherwise get a bit uppity. In my young day, there was a quiz show host called Wilfred Pickles who would enjoin his wife to cough up when someone won. To paraphrase his catchphrase of “Give ‘im the money, Mabel”: Give ’em the money, Mahmoud!


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