My Mideast Punchlines: if it ain’t Jews…..

Guest blog from my friend, Phil Sinitsky:

Residents of hell, aka Gaza, are getting no more than three hours of electricity supply per day. Medications are scarce in Gaza hospitals and three infants died there because they were refused permits to go to Israel for medical help. This is the stuff of banner headlines and rent-a-mob marches led by Labour party leader Corbyn & co, but not a word of protest has been heard from them or any other lefty. Why? Because it is Palestinian president Abbas who is withholding power supplies, medicines,  as well as the permits for the three children to travel to Israel for help. How sad is that for the lefties? It’s galling them that they can’t even accuse Israel of being behind this humanitarian crisis. Egypt tried to help with fuel shipments to Gaza, but Mr Abbas has barred Palestinian banks from transferring payments for the fuel. Why is the Corbyn-led lefty mob silent? Because IF IT AIN’T JEWS, IT AIN’T NEWS!


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