My Mideast Punchlines: something to get your teeth into….

ISIS fired the head of its women’s brigade al-Khansa for being too soft.

“Umm Yasser el-Mouhajir failed to implement the instructions of the organization including whipping and biting women,” an anonymous source told Sumeriyya TV.

Islamic State replaced el-Mouhajir with a German woman to take on the top position in al-Khansa. Previously, the German filled senior roles in Nineveh Province before she pulled back along with other ISIS fighters on the front line.

“ISIS is trying to grow the number of women in its units because it’s difficult for enemy fighters to reveal the women’s identities because they wear full face coverings,” a source told Sumeriyya TV.

When you think about, when all the male ISIS fighters are finally dispatched, all that’ll be left will be women who carry whips and use their gnashers (teeth). Not much opposition for real Wonder Woman Gal Gadot, or allied male fighters for that matter. That German lady might prove a bit tricky, though. She might try to out-do a notorious female guard at Auschwitz who trained her Alsatian to bite at people’s private parts. I’d better stop here before I give ISIS any more ideas for their sick videos.


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