My Mideast Punchlines: looking the other way…

Work is underway on a concrete wall along the Israeli-Lebanese border to protect from Hezbollah infiltration. Priority is being given to Israeli towns and kibbutzim. Ynet visited Rosh HaNikra, where initial work has already begun.

The main goal of the wall is to prevent Hezbollah’s elite “Radwan” force from infiltrating Israel during a conflict, and trying to capture an Israeli town or military outpost, an act that would deal a severe blow to Israeli morale and a boost for the terrorist group.

For their part, a UNIFIL spokesman said Wednesday that Israel had begun work south of the border line and added that the UN organization was closely monitoring the events. The spokesman, quoted in Lebanese media, said that UNIFIL was maintaining contact with officials on both sides of the border in order to solve the matter (Lebanese objections) and prevent unnecessary tension or deterioration.

biffUNIFIL has been in the pockets of Hezbollah for decades. Currently, it’s looking the other way while Nasrallah’s mob construct terror tunnels. No coincidence then that the first two letters of underground are UN.


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