My Mideast Punchlines: shadow boxing…

A number of papers picked up on a Boston Globe scoop that former secretary of state John Kerry is quietly engaging in “shadow diplomacy” with Iranian and European officials to preserve the nuclear accord.

biffI heard somewhere that this action by the dumber member of the previous administration’s Dumb and Dumber partnership might be contravening the US Constitution. This aside, John Kerry, as Secretary of State, was the world’s greatest exponent of useless shuttle diplomacy. Over the years of flying hither and thither in vain, he ended up as a shadow of his former self. So, in a way, it’s fair to say that he may be somewhat of an expert on shadow diplomacy. Should Trump preserve the nuclear accord with Iran, then expect Kerry to claim some of the credit. And what if it goes the other way? Well, the thing about shadows is that they tend to disappear when the sun doesn’t shine.


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