My Mideast Punchlines: theatre of the absurd…

The Palestinian Authority is expected to pay the terrorist who slaughtered three members of the Salomon family NIS 12,604,000 ($3,478,015) over the course of his lifetime.

Omar al-Abed murdered Yosef Salomon and two of his children, Elad and Chaya, and wounded Yosef’s wife, Tovah, when they were celebrating the birth of a grandson in their home. Elad’s wife hid their children in a nearby room in the house, where they heard the massacre take place. Abed was given four life sentences

Defence Minister Avigdor Liberman released the calculations of how much the terrorists in several recent attacks are expected to be paid by the Palestinian Authority ahead of Monday’s expected first vote on a bill that would deduct the amount of funding for terrorists from the taxes and tariffs Israel collects for the PA.

The PA paid terrorists over a billion shekels ($347 million) in 2017, and upped the amount to over NIS 1.4 billion ($403 million) in its 2018 budget.

“I call on all MKs to join us and vote in favour of the law and put an end to this theatre of the absurd,” Liberman said. “Every shekel sent to the murderers will be deducted from the PA tax money. We will stop funding terrorism.”

biffJust imagine if every Islamist murderer in the UK or US were paid the average national salary for the rest of their lives (or, if they are executed, their families). Theatre of the absurd, indeed. But no more absurd than the fact the most of the PA aid money comes from US and EU taxpayers. Yes, that’s you and me, folks. PA chairman Abbas and his cronies have been laughing all the way to the bank for far too long.


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