My Mideast Punchlines: pardon my vent…

Good news and bad news from the UK Labour party. The good news is that the party adopted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s full working definition of antisemitism. The bad news is that the party leaders also attached a statement that the definition will not “in any way undermine freedom of expression on Israel or the rights of the Palestinians.”

As for the party leader himself, Jeremy Corbyn maintained that it is not anti-Semitic to describe the creation of Israel as racist. (He was overruled by Labour’s National Executive Committee.)

biffWell, Jezza, calling you an anti-Semitic commie bastard is not racist either. So here goes: you, Jeremy Corbyn, are an anti-Semitic commie bastard. My feelings can all be summed up in one hyphenated word: vent-axia. Now you might regard this as the name of a manufacturer of electric fans. Well, to disambiguate, while the meaning of vent is clear, axia in taxonomy is either a moth genus in the family Cimeliidae or a worm genus in the family Macrostomidae. Guess which one you are, Jezza.

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