My Mideast Punchlines: control freaks…

In talks between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas gave Hamas an ultimatum – give the PA full control of the Gaza Strip by the end of the month, or suffer the consequences, according to a statement made by an official in the PA presidency bureau to Kan news on Thursday night.

Hamas leadership and senior Palestinian Authority officials concluded a round of talks in Cairo with little results, Israeli media reported Thursday night.

Abbas is reportedly threatening cessation of all funds to the Strip if Hamas refuses.

“Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas, President of the PA] is trying to deteriorate the situation in Gaza,” MK Yuval Steinitz commented on Army Radio.

biffSo there you have it. “Peace-loving” Abbas is upset that Hamas wants a prolonged ceasefire with Israel. He is prepared to make life so intolerable for Hamas that their only option is to push Israel into an all-out war; a war in which Abbas hopes the Israelis will take care of the Hamas leadership once and for all. The mutual hatred between Hamas and the PA is palpable. In such scenarios, the old Bedouin adage “my enemy’s enemy is my friend” rises to the fore, working in all directions at once. Welcome to the Middle East, folks

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