My Mideast Punchlines: saving the Chelsea fan from himself…

Chelsea want to combat antisemitism at Stamford Bridge by sending supporters on educational trips to Auschwitz instead of handing out bans.

Pockets of the Stamford Bridge crowd are known historically for their racist chants which are aimed at Tottenham Hotspur supporters, who are known for their large Jewish following.

In the past, many of us have witnessed Nazi salutes along with fans making gas noises in relation to the Holocaust.

Now, Chelsea’s owner Roman Abramovich is, according to The Sun, the leading force behind the initiative where their club will give them the choice of education courses OR the loss of their season tickets, rather than handing down a banning order.

The report also claims that staggeringly, Chelsea will cover the cost for the fans to make the trip to Poland.

biffWill it change their antisemitic mindset? Well, after a visit to the death camp, some will be genuinely contrite and others will pretend they are. To paraphrase the Talmud, if you save one man from bigotry, you save the whole world itself.


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