My Mideast Punchlines: should have called in Rentokil….

Operation Northern Shield, which was launched to expose and destroy Hezbollah tunnels along the border fence with Lebanon, is expected to continue for several weeks and the state of high alert in the North will continue, according to Israeli media reports Wednesday.

It is reasonable to assume that digging tunnels through rocks in the Galilee mountains, at a depth of 15 to 30 meters, takes years,” Dr. Maor Cohen, an expert on geography and the environment, told Maariv.

“The land in the hills of Galilee is very hard and not conducive for digging tunnels. These are limestone rocks, not soft sandy soil like by the Gaza border,” Cohen explained.

“Digging in limestone cannot be done using manual digging tools,” Cohen said. “It is reasonable to assume that the excavators used mechanical tools, which were apparently the source of the noise that residents of the communities on the Lebanese border had been reporting for years.”
biffSo there you have it. Army commanders should be hanging their heads in shame. Some of those reporting the noises were told to go away and seek help from a shrink. We’ve all been there; scratching noises from your local neighbourhood mice. And the droppings are a clue. Maddening. But, of course, the solution is to either call in the local council or Rentokil. And if they don’t solve your problem, you probably will need to see a psychiatrist.

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