My Mideast Punchlines: Kung-fu tighter…

A short but steamy sex scene with Jackie Chan in the 2010 movie The Shinjuku Incident sneaked by Iranian censors, causing uproar with the authorities, The Algemeiner reported.

Heads rolled, including the director of the regional channel Kish TV, which aired the movie. An investigation ordered by Iran’s highest authority in broadcasting was promised.

Sex scenes are strictly taboo on Iranian TV. In fact, any intimate contact on the public screen is forbidden in the Islamic Republic (male/female and certainly same sex, as the punishment in Iran for homosexuality is death).

The incident generated thousands of posts on Iranian social media mocking the regime’s hysteria over the brief scene.

biffSo, control of the airwaves in Iran couldn’t be tighter. I am reminded of the old Iranian saying: one can have sex with a woman to procreate, sex with a young boy for fun, and sex with a goat for release. Everything, it appears, is permissible — as long as your keep gays and Jackie Chan out of it.

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