My Mideast Punchlines: shaggy (hot) dog story…

Here’s a shaggy (hot) dog story. The day after Christmas, Bloomberg News published an article titled “New York Hot Dog Rabbi to Make Qatar Kosher for World Cup.”

Apparently, his name is Rabbi Marc Schneier of the Hamptons Synagogue.

biffWell bully (beef) for him. Far too many Jewish rabbis have been cozying up to the rulers of a country that not only supports Hamas’ desire to exterminate the Jewish state, but has a law banning Israelis from entering. God knows what will happen if Israel reaches the finals. Also, Qatar’s human rights record is appalling.  Nearly 2,000 migrant workers are alleged to have already died in near slave-like conditions building Qatar’s World Cup stadiums. Now, we all know that kosher means “clean”, but the hot dogs will be the only clean thing about Qatar during the World Cup. The rest of it, including the anti-Semitic Al-Jazeera TV station, is about as clean as a pig in shit. My message to all Jews: stay away, and let the hot dogs rot.


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