My Mideast Punchlines: Sheikh it up, baby, now….

2019 may have only just begun but already we have a strong contender for the most ridiculous anti-Israel article of the year.

Although the Financial Times sells itself as a reliable source of information, a recent piece left the HonestReporting team astounded. An article by academic Shela Sheikh entitled “Corinne Silva: Plants, Power and the Israeli State” attacks Israeli shrubs and trees for “erasing memory” of other peoples.

Yes, plants.

Sheikh focuses on a series of photographs taken by Corinne Silva examining “the inherent links between cultivation and colonisation.” The piece is dotted with bland photographs of typical suburban scenes – nondescript white fences, stubby trees, and the irrigation tubes that are ubiquitous in Israel, literally bringing life to a desert land. Alas, all these are twisted into being “designed with the aim of transplanting Israelis… on to land formerly populated by Palestinians.”

biffPerhaps Ms Sheikh should take a leaf out of Prince Charles’ book and talk to the plants instead of castigating them. Turning common sense on its head, she deserves the following pun: Sheikh it up baby, now…twist and shout.

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