My Mideast Punchlines: bonkers Beeb…

The Bonkers Broadcasting Corporation has decided to stop using the word “terror” in order to avoid being perceived as being biased in its reporting, the Daily Mail newspaper reported Sunday.

The report quoted “well-placed BBC sources” as saying the worldwide network’s management is “eager to report terror attacks consistently, regardless of the terrorist’s political ideology.” Instead of calling all incidents “terror attacks” and risk accusations of bias, the BBC will be changing its editorial policy to remove the word “terror” from its lexicon unless it is contained in a direct quote.

Conservative member of parliament Andrew Bridgen criticized the reported move to stop calling attacks “terrorism,” telling the Daily Mail that “the BBC should not try to sanitize the behavior of terrorists by not calling it out.”

biffSo the BBC’s mantra of “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” has become set in stone. Such endearing liberal values, don’t you think? We all know where this is going: “In a horrific act of self-defence, a West Bank settler murdered a Palestinian who had shot and killed the Israeli’s wife and three children. The Palestinian was a misguided youth from a nice family in Hebron that had been involved in similar acts in the past. An IDF spokesman insisted on calling the incident an “act of terror.”

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