My Mideast Punchlines: sick society…

The terrorists behind the suicide-bombing at a Sbarro pizzeria 11 years ago have received $910,823 from the Palestinian Authority, according to a Palestinian Media Watch report released on Thursday.

The bombing killed 15 people, including two Americans, and injured around 130 others.

The family of the suicide-bomber behind the Aug. 9, 2011, attack, Izz Al-Din Al-Masri, has been one of the recipients of P.A. rewards.

According to the report, Al-Masri’s family has received $53,689 overall, while the bombmaker Abdullah Barghouti has collected $213,848.

biffNo doubt the terrorist (still on the run) who stabbed to death 19-year-old  yeshiva student Dvir Sorek in the latest “pay for slay” attack is eagerly looking forward to his reward. The middle child out of seven, Dvir was the grandson of Holocaust survivor Rabbi Binyamin Herling, who himself was killed in a terror attack in October 2000. Just ask yourself one question: does a sick society that rewards terrorists and/or their families with stipends deserve a state of its own? Answers on a postcard, please.

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