My Mideast Punchlines: who do you think you’re kidding….

The Israel Defense Forces announced on Tuesday that it had identified a facility in southern Lebanon being used by Hezbollah to convert and manufacture precision-guided missiles.

The compound located near Nabi Sheet in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon was established several years ago by Iran and Hezbollah for weapons manufacturing, the army said in a statement, which came less than two weeks after a drone attack in Beirut attributed to Israel reportedly damaged key components of the project.

In a speech televised on Saturday, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah said that while his Iran-backed organization has some precision missiles, there was no production taking place in Lebanon.

“We do not have precision missile factories. This is a lie and a pretext that Netanyahu is adopting to carry out aggression,” Nasrallah said.

biffTo paraphrase  the lyrics of Dad’s Army, “who do you think you’re kidding, Uncle Hassan…” Fearing an Israeli air strike, it appears that Hezbollah has abandoned the base and distributed vital items from inside it to civilian locations in and around Beirut, I am reminded of a TV experiment some years back. The producers placed a bulging wallet on a pavement and drew a yellow circle around it. Fearing this was a police trap, no passer-by dared to pick it up. Well, there’s an imaginary yellow circle around the aforementioned base, and should Hezbollah dare to utilise it again, it will end up as rubble. My question is, why wait?

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