My Mideast Punchlines: let me outta here!

The prosecutor who has led the three corruption cases against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew criticism on Sunday, after she went on vacation and missed the day’s pre-indictment legal proceedings.

A source close to Netanyahu said Liat Ben-Ari, by taking a family vacation this week — as the third and fourth day of the prime minister’s hearings are held — had given the impression that she has already decided the outcome of the hearings and thus did not bother attending. The Justice Ministry defended her, but a ministry source acknowledged her actions showed a lack of public sensitivity.

“It looks like she formed an opinion — and then went,” an aide to Netanyahu told Channel 13 television news. “She is the one who will deal with the case if it goes to court and she needs to know every nuance. The decision [to go on vacation] is simply scandalous.”

Ben-Ari will also miss the final days of the hearing.

biffThis quote seems to imply the aide believes Ben-Ari sees the indictment as a slam-dunk for the prosecution. But what if she just got spooked by the defence’s addition of top U.S. lawyer Alan Dershowitz to its roster and took off to South Africa to avoid the flak if the cases against Bibi are dropped. “I’m a celebrity lawyer, get me outta here!”

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