My Mideast Punchlines: they won’t like it up ’em….

Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz hit out strongly at the interim government for what he described as its inaction over repeated incidents of rocket fire from Gaza against southern Israel after a barrage of rockets was fired from Gaza by a terror group Friday night.

Gantz also implied that he would renew Israel’s former policy of assassinations against the senior terrorist leaders should he become prime minister.

“We will restore deterrence at any price, even if we need to harm those personally who are leading the escalation,” said Gantz in seeming reference to the heads of the various Gazan terrorist groups.

biffSuch retaliation, of course, is a two-edged sword. Revenge attacks would be a given, and any replacements might prove much worse. Nevertheless, in the immortal words of Cpl Jones in Dad’s Army, “they don’t like it up ’em”. While Jones, of course, was referring to the old-fashioned bayonet thrust into a certain orifice, Israel is developing sophisticated weapons that will target miscreants more effectively, while keeping collateral civilian casualties to a minimum. The Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaderships should be made aware that they will all be targets, and that any replacements will be targeted immediately. Ad infinitum until the terror groups cease their attacks and Hamas changes its genocidal charter calling for Israel’s destruction. Israel must be, in a word, relentless.

As the Arab saying goes, the fruit of timidity is neither gain nor loss. No other country would countenance the continual rocketing of its border towns. The status quo needs to end.


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