My Mideast Punchlines: shameless….

Two political countdown clocks started ticking on Thursday.

The first started after President Reuven Rivlin officially gave the Knesset, represented by Speaker Yuli Edelstein, the mandate to find someone who 61 MKs support to form the next government. That is a 21-day clock; the buzzer will go off on December 11 at midnight.

The second started when Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit announced that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust. Now, Netanyahu has 30 days – until December 22 – to ask the Knesset to grant him immunity from prosecution.

biffIf you want to discover more about this extraordinarily complicated saga, then you’ll have to do some more research yourselves. My punchlines are deliberately kept short to avoid sliding across the boredom threshold. Suffice it to say that Mandelblit’s decision represents the greatest threat to Israel’s waning democracy. The country is run by lawyers for the sake of lawyers, most of whom are lefties. I suffered from a corrupt system myself in my failed medical negligence case in Jerusalem. But that pales into insignificance when compared to the witch-hunts against Bibi Netanyahu and his friend Donald Trump. Senior American jurists appeared before Mandelblit in Netanyahu’s (self-evidently unserious) pre-indictment hearing to warn him that pursuing bribery charges against politicians for receiving positive coverage is a recipe for destroying freedom of the press and democracy itself. If Netanyahu is found guilty of crimes that were invented for the purpose of destroying him, then at the drop of a hat the goose of other politicians — left and right — will also be cooked by those lawyers. And here’s the real punchline: Netanyahu never received the favourable coverage from the media organ accused of providing it. Now you know why the general public despise lawyers almost as much as they do estate agents. The law should be above politics, but it never is. Meanwhile, the left-inspired circuses against Bibi and Trump continue to gain momentum. It’s bound to end in tears — so let’s hope it does so for those shameless lefty lawyers.


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