My Mideast Punchlines: black and white…

Israel will no longer release the bodies of terrorists, according to what appeared a new policy by Defence Minister Naftali Bennett.

This will be the case regardless of which terrorist organisation the person belonged to.

Bennett instructed the IDF and the defence establishment on Tuesday to completely stop the release of terrorist bodies. The decision came following a number of discussions that he held on the issue of deterrence with senior security officials.

Exceptions, according to a statement by the Defence Ministry, will only be made in extenuating circumstances and at the discretion of the defence minister.

The Palestinian Authority on Wednesday called Israel a “terrorist entity” after the announcement.

In Israel, Arab Joint List MK Yousef Jabareen said: “Bennett is despicably politicising a humanitarian issue, and that should be steadfastly opposed. Holding on to bodies and preventing immediate burial are immoral and violate international law…”

biffA well-known British politician once said that some British Jews do not understand English irony. Well, it’s safe to say that all Arabs certainly do not understand irony. Islamic culture just doesn’t allow for it, especially where the Infidel is concerned. The jabberings of Mr Jabareen take no account of the refusal by Hamas to release the bodies of dead Israeli soldiers, let alone to free two Israeli civilians who wandered across the divide and have been rotting in a Gazan jail for years. Conscience and irony play no part in a culture that sees everything in black and white.

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