My Mideast Punchlines: honeytrap…

Iran has a giant fake aircraft carrier that it has used over the years to practice with during naval drills to show off that it can attack US carriers. Now the lumbering model boat is on the move, satellite photos show.

The US usually has at least one aircraft carrier somewhere near the Persian Gulf. Iran often harassed US naval ships in the Persian Gulf using fast boats of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. In April, President Donald Trump said the US would sink Iranian boats that harass American warships.

THE SHIP has at least 16 fake airplanes on its carrier deck. It was being towed by a boat, and another Iranian fast boat was seen nearby. The carrier, one of the Iranian navy’s largest ships, was blown up by Iranian missiles in 2015 and then repaired. Iran’s navy is otherwise relatively small and no match for the US Navy. One US naval officer quipped last year that the US could destroy the Iranian navy in an afternoon if it wanted to.

biffHow nice it would be to see this lumbering piece of flotsam reduced to kindling. You’d have to dry it all out first, of course. but, boy, what a lovely bonfire it would make. While those fake planes may never be able to take off, bravado by Iran to test their bizarre attack strategy on the U.S. 5th Fleet will undoubtedly have dire consequences. The ayatollahs need reminding of an old Iranian proverb: flies will easily fly into the honey; their problem is how to get out.


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