My Mideast Punchlines: ship ahoy, Mars bars on the way!

A new flotilla hoping to break the Gaza blockade is underway as a trawler, “Marianne of Gothenburg,” left Sweden. Two other vessels will meet up with the Marianne en route. Israel has blockaded Gaza since Hamas took over the strip in 2006. Egypt has also tightened its blockade of Gaza while fighting jihadists in Sinai.

Small FistI wonder why the activists don’t attempt to break the blockade via Egypt-controlled Mediterranean waters. Could it be for fear of an early bath? I’m sure the Egyptian navy is itching to blow them up, if only for the sake of something to do. Meanwhile, the protesters should change the name of the trawler to ‘Marianne Faithful’ and add a few thousand Mars bars to their cargo (for those who don’t know about the singer Marianne Faithful, the Rolling Stones, and the alleged Mars bars, kindly Google).


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