My Mideast Punchlines: Simples!

Amid claims that it committed war crimes in the last Gaza conflict, Hamas’ political leader Khaled Meshaal has condemned what he referred to as “Israeli extremism,” telling the BBC in an interview aired Wednesday that the Palestinian attacks against Israel would continue “as long as there is occupation, aggression, war and killing.”

“We’re not looking for any escalation, but we will defend ourselves,” Meshaal told BBC Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen in an interview from his headquarters in Qatar, adding that Hamas will be “careful to respect international humanitarian law and to target only military targets.”

Small FistThe risible Bowen gave Meshaal a free platform to make some laughable statements that went virtually unchallenged, including the one in the paragraph above. It’s all part of Mendacious Meshaal’s practice of Takiyya (see my blog entitled The Writing on the Wall). Dissimulation becomes apparent when one understands that ‘only military targets’ refers to every citizen of Israel. Why? Because Hamas has always said that every citizen of Israel is a target because every Israeli citizen serves in the IDF. Simples!


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