The Winds of Kedem

The Winds of KedemTHE WINDS OF KEDEM

Revenge and retribution in the Middle East. Only one man can save Israel from a nuclear holocaust…

Mossad agent David Katri is torn between duty to country and to conscience as he battles to prevent an Arab terrorist plot to destroy the House of Israel. His implacable foe, Rashid Sedawi, is determined to bring about the end of the Jewish state. The action switches between Mossad headquarters in Tel Aviv and the Syrian Desert, between the teeming Shi’ite suburbs of Beirut and Pakistan’s secret nuclear base near Islamabad. The streets of Stockholm and snow-bound Vienna also become soaked in blood as Katri finds himself tangled in a web of deceit spun by Arabs, Christians and Jews; a web where even love has a price.

The Winds of Kedem is an unforgettable tale of vengeance, courage and love….



Critics’ praise for Roger Radford

The Winds of Kedem

“Nothing in the Middle East danger zone is simple, let alone what it seems, and much of it is potentially lethal. The strength of Roger Radford’s headline topical thriller, The Winds of Kedem, is that its race-against-time plot doubles as a manual on ancestral hatreds and vendettas reaching from old-time Arabia to modern Israel. Sedawi, a Lebanese-based extremist, plants a nuclear device beneath the Syrian Desert, counting on seasonal winds to make Israel uninhabitable. Only David Katri, fugitive Syrian Jew brought up on a kibbutz and Army veteran turned Mossad agent who can pass as an Arab, may be able to stop him.

A former Reuters man, like ex-correspondent Frederick Forsyth before him, Radford knows the people, the places on the inside stuff. So standard tension is nourished by authoritative, fascinating details and insights.”

Shaun Usher, Daily Mail

“THE WINDS OF KEDEM is Roger Radford’s first book, privately published. It is an international spy thriller equal to any published by the big commercial houses.

Set in today’s Middle East, it is populated by the bad guys and the good guys. The bad guys are the Arab terrorist fanatics and the good guys are the Israelis, particularly the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, otherwise known as the Mossad. The action is fast and daring. The background is accurate and realistic. And the climax is powerful.

Now married to an Israeli, Radford, who is English, spent many years in Tel Aviv, absorbing the Middle Eastern atmosphere, while involved in a journalistic career. This book, loaded with nationalistic and ethnic tensions and hatreds, is an imaginative end result of his tour of duty here…it will mesmerize the aficionados of crime literature.”

Jeff Green, Jerusalem Post

“…the nightmarish plot, in which an Israeli agent battles against extremists aiming to set off a nuclear holocaust, is nail-biting, edge-of-the-seat stuff.”

Bernard Josephs, Jewish Chronicle


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