My Mideast Punchlines: plus ça change…

Norway’s left-wing Red Party has nominated the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Writing in the Jerusalem Post, the proposing Norwegian MP Bjornar Moxnes says that the BDS movement is not an “anti-peace movement.” ‘

‘On the contrary, BDS is crystal clear in its support for strictly peaceful methods. Its objective, that the Palestinians enjoy the same rights everyone else is entitled to according to international law and universal human rights, is also clearly in line with international law and basic universal human rights.’

He adds: ‘As the Israeli government again is using deadly force against Gaza, it is our hope that our nomination can be a small contribution to move a difficult conflict away from the military sphere and into the sphere of politics, international justice, debate and dialogue.’

Moxnes said the Red Party  ‘is consistently opposed to any kind of colonialism’.

biffSo there you have it. It’s still colonialism even though Israel evacuated the Gaza Strip in 2005. Also, no mention of the rocket fire and other attacks that precede Israel’s use of “deadly force”.  Lenin, the founding father of all that Mr Moxnes holds dear, is said to have invented a term for people such as the Norwegian MP —  useful idiot. For the Soviets, it was usually a citizen of a non-communist country sympathetic to the Soviet Union who is susceptible to propaganda and is cynically misused. Replace non-communist with Arab and Soviet Union with Palestine and Lenin’s term makes eminent sense when applied to Mr Moxnes. Plus ça change.